Case Study: Antique Grandfather Clocks

Coming soon … our case study looking at lessons to be learned from digital marketing by John Shone of Antique Grandfather Clocks, a dealer based in Widnes.

Case Study: Umbrella Home Solutions

Coming soon … a case study examining a recent digital marketing campaign by Stoke-on-Trent based damp proofing company Umbrella Home Solutions.

What Are Some Of The Best Modern Marketing Practices And Techniques?

Are you someone who is looking for some modern and effective marketing tips to help your business out? In that case you have definitely come to the right place to look for the best practices and techniques. Marketing is very important for any business. Without marketing, it is not possible to become successful and stay ahead in the market. To help you out, this article will take a look at what are some of the modern marketing practices and techniques.

A look at some of the effective practices and techniques:

social media marketing

  • In the present time, social media marketing is one of the most important techniques that any business needs to follow. There are various types of social media platforms that one can opt for. There’s hardly any business that doesn’t follow or have social media account or page. Without social media marketing strategies, it is impossible to reach out to most of the consumers in the market. Social media helps a business to target the customers properly for the business, so that the business will not need to spend extra time looking for the customers for their business to build and increase the customer base. One should choose the social media platform which is appropriate for their business. Some examples of social media are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Another effective marketing strategy that one shouldn’t avoid is email marketing in the present time. Most businesses at the present time opt for the email marketing in order to reach out to the customers in the effective way. Email marketing is bit different from social media marketing in its approach with the customers. The business will need to collect the email of the potential customers. This is best to remain connected with the present customers so that the business is able to have long term relationship with them.


  • Internet ads are another important technique that a business should not avoid. This technique is categorized partly to the advertising niche. With the help of the internet ads, any business is able to reach out to the potential customers when they search for any particular services that are offered by the business. When they search for it, they come across the internet ad of the business and they will check out and if they are interested in the service offered by the business, they will turn into a lead for the business. This is another effective way to increase the number of customer base for the business. It is also one of the most effective techniques that are practiced by most businesses.

  • Affiliate marketing is another important strategy that a business should not avoid in the present times. This is one way to approach one to share the links of their business in various platforms and the targeted audiences can take a look at it and click on the link to check out the business and this way the business is able to increase their customer base.